Our Mission


Footcare for the whole family

Physiology can play a big part in your mental health & wellbeing. Ranging from Chronic pain to poor posture our bodies evolve & compensate to manage this pain that you experience every day, leaving your wellbeing & mental health in a slump.

Feet are your bodies ‘foundation’ & carry you every day through life. If your feet aren't right then what is being held up by your feet won't be right either. Healing, must start with Strictly Feet.

Our Mission is to restore your Wellness & Rejuvenate your Well-being. We aim to uplift your body & mind, realigning your foundations by providing the best footcare, footwear & expert analysis so you are able to live your best life....'Pain Free'! 

Your Journey to Wellness starts with Strictly Feet!


Quality Family Footwear

The quality of your life starts with the quality of your footwear.


Knowledge is power!

Let us help you get empowered about your foot health.